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14 MAY 2014 Chance spotting of Cadaver donor saves sinking liver patient
Publication : Drug Today-Medical Times
Chance spotting of cadaver donor saves sinking liver patient
But for an obscure cadaver donor, Tilak Raj, a patient of chronic liver infection, would have been dead man today. He is thanking his stars for the turn of events which led to his successful treatment and recovery. 
A resident of Palwal, Haryana, Tilak Raj, 40, returned home hale and hearty after successful liver transplant at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket. The operation is a step towards providing the best in healthcare to patients the hospital promised, according to the Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket authorities.
His wife, Meenakshi, said, “It was no less than a miracle that a cadaver donor surfaced at a time when we were badly in need of one to save the life of my husband.” 
She recalls how in the beginning she did not realise that her husband had some kind of health problem. And when he was diagnosed with the liver infection after suffering from the disease for many years, it was a bolt from the blue for the family. 
“At times he used to get bouts of insomnia which gradually led to compounding his health problems. As a precaution, I took him for a jaundice test which diagnose that his bilirubin was much higher than usual. We took him for other lab for further tests, however, the results were the same. Hence, we took him to the nearby hospital for the treatment,” Meenakshi recounted her ordeal.
The doctor at the hospital kept him on medication for a while, but his condition remained unchanged, rather became more critical with the passage of time.
Eventually, he was referred to Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket Hospital, where senior liver transplant consultant Dr Subash Gupta diagnosed him with liver infection. 
With this revelation his family went on hunt for liver donor. Many prospective donors were examined but no suitable donor was found even as the patient’s condition kept deteriorating. He was put on a ventilator.
After finding him little better, Dr Subash Gupta processed with further medication. Meanwhile, a cadaver donor was traced to Ahmedabad and the patient was rushed to the city by air ambulance where Dr Subash Gupta and his team performed a successful operation. 
After the transplant, Raj was shifted to ICU for a few days before discharging him from the hospital. Now, he is leading a normal healthy life.