The Liver Intensive Care Unit is located on the 4th Floor of West Wing which has 3 sections. The inner most section is where the patients are transferred straight from OR and kept there till they are ambulatory. Each of these rooms have positive pressure air change and their hepafilters can be changed without closing the entire ICU. Each room has an attached toilet as most patients are extubated the next day and kept in Isolation till they can move around without support. The view from each of these rooms has a healing effect as the Qutub Golf Course greens are visible as well as the world famous Qutub Minar. The ICU is managed by Dr. Divyajyoti Das and his team of doctors.

The second section is designed like a conventional ICU with equipment for renal replacement therapy, MARS therapy for Acute and Acute on Chronic Liver Failure, plasmapheresis for ABO incompatible liver transplant, and state of the art ventilatory and monitoring equipment. The view from this ICU is amazing and bay windows allow enough light and help patients recuperate faster.

The other sections is the Step Down ward where most are double bedded rooms and in close vicinity to the ICU so that they can get immediate help should they need it.

There are 4 operating rooms which have laminar flow, modern anaesthesia machines, cellsaver, and an attached Laboratory for real time monitoring of recipients undergoing surgery. In fact as liver operations are long, the OR is an extension of the ICU. The Anesthesia team is headed by Dr., Shweta Singh who has many years of experience of liver transplant anesthesia.

The Outpatients are located on the Ground Floor from Rooms 1 to 5 and function Monday to Saturday between 11 to 6 pm. Mr. Tabrez Ansari is incharge of Appointments and his number is +917838660172.