Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to conduct safe liver transplant operation at an affordable price to those who suffer from decompensated cirrhosis, liver cancer and acute liver failure. Alternatives to transplant will be offered if the treatment is as efficacious. We wish to train physicians from around the world in the art and science of liver transplantation


The Centre for Liver and Biliary Sciences (CLBS)was setup in 2006 following the realization that a successful Liver transplant operation requires a huge team who have worked together for a long time. Since 2006, CLBS has been associated with different hospitals in Delhi but the core team has remained the same.

What are we good at?
  1. 1. Liver resection
  2. 2. Percutaneous tumour ablation
  3. 3. Angiographic embolization of HCC
  4. 4. Radioembolisation of HCC
  5. 5. ERCP and bile duct stenting
  6. 6. Reconstruction of damaged bile duct ( Hepaticojejunostomy)
  7. 7. Cyber knife treatment of HCC
CLBS Achievements:
  1. 1. Over 2500 liver transplant operations and over 300 transplants every year.
  2. 2. Experience of over 500 liver resection
  3. 3. Safe operations for pancreatic cancer, (our pancreatic anastomotic technique prevents pancreatic fistula)
  4. 4. Helped established transplant centres in ILBS, Apollo Delhi, and SGRH
  5. 5. Trained teams from USA, Malaysia, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and Philippines
  6. 6. Innovations to reduce complications
  7. 7. Published over 30 papers in international indexed journals.
  8. 8. Trained over 100 fellows in liver surgery.