Pledge your organs

Organ donation actually saves lives, this is a simple mantra that we would like to send to every citizen of the country and the world. There are thousands of people who die every year due to chronic diseases of the liver, kidney and heart who could have been with us today if they had a viable organ available for a transplant. You can do your bit by coming forward and pledging to donate your organs in case of any exigency that may occur to you.
The human body has remarkable fortitude for receiving organs from a near relative or family member. Livers, kidneys, heart, corneas (eyes) etc. can all be transplanted apart from skin grafts and blood components. This unique ability of the human ability gives us a second chance at life in case of an organ failure. Sadly, many a times appropriate organs from near relatives or next of kin are not available and the only option remains for an organ from a deceased donor to be transplanted into such patients. Here to the options remains very limited since organ donation is few and far in between in our country. But this can change. This can change through a concerted effort to raise awareness on this subject and by all of us making a contribution to pledge our organs and live even after our own time has passed. By joining us here you too will join this initiative by gifting a life to someone in need.